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  • What is the Blockchain and how will it affect entire industries?
  • Is this the New Internet phenomenon?

Since the creation of bitcoin (the currency) and the blockchain (the underlying technology) in 2009 by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, cryptocurrencies have had a huge, fast rise in global reach

In 2009 a bitcoin was worth a few cents.Today each one is worth thousands of dollars.



If you need help in understanding bitcoin, altcoins, blockchain, ICOs and other aspects of the technology I can advise you.

I am Julian Jackson: I have over 30 years experience in technology writing and consulting, including working for companies like FT, BBC and many others. I have a lifelong interest, and expertise, in film and photography.

If you are worried about Brexit, and as a business writer, I certainly am, then alt-coins offer a hedge against what is looking more and more like a disastrous process, which will destroy wealth and pensions in the UK – you only have to see the fall in the pound already as evidence of how it is going to affect everyone. Alt-coins will be a buffer against all sorts of potential financial problems.


This is the really innovative technology which is a step forward. It's an encrypted peer-to-peer ledger. Essentially it will disrupt many industries, including those of the financial sector. If you like, imagine how things were before email, or google, or ebay, or any of the other major breakthroughs facilitated by the internet and its open-source protocols. That's how important I think blockchain technology is going to be.

How I can help you ?

  • Alt-coins, blockchain, ICOs, and much of the technology is still in the “geeky” world. It's not very user-friendly and there is a “wild west” unregulated aspect, which can trip up the unwary.
  • I can advise you to make the right decisions for your business or personal investment.
  • I can write proposals, case studies and documentation for your innovative project.




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